365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 255

255. Dance:

I don’t want to dance with anyone else.

I only want to dance with him. 

I want him to spin me and twirl me and to dip me low and kiss me like he used to. I want to throw my head back with abandon and laugh and have him stand me back up, his hand firmly around my waist. 

He doesn’t think I want him to be my partner. 

He stands at the edge of the dance floor, his grey, sometimes blue eyes watching me mournfully as I stand on the other side watching him in return. Both of us stare at each other wanting to reach across the void and hold each other. 

I want to run my finger down his face, listen to his breath catch as he realises how much he still wants and needs me. I want him to kiss me with a passion that is unmatched. I want to slip my tongue into his mouth and clutch his head in my hands. I want him to pull me closer and breathe into my ear that he’s sorry and in return, I want to tell him that I’m sorry I broke my promise and abandoned him. I vow I will never do it again. 

I want to start over. I want to build on what we had and learn from the past for that’s the only way you can have a future. I don’t believe in going back in time or even wanting to change the past. You can’t do that. The past happened for a reason and now that’s all it is… The past. 

How do I make him believe that he’s the only one I want to dance with? 



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