365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 252

252. Alliteration:

Bad boyfriends beg but beautiful, brilliant babes (like me)

say, “Sorry, stupid shithead (p)sycho,

You fucked up yet again,

You never, ever apologize,

And I always take the blame.

So now I’m saying, “I am done”

And, “Fuck you!” for your behavior

I know my worth and what I deserve

And frankly, I’m your savior.

I am the best thing in your life

And fucking hell you know it

Why the fuck is it okay for you

But not for me, to show it?!

I’m sick and tired of your fucking need

To control every aspect

Stop the talk and actually show

What apparently you respect! (pointing to myself here)

Fucking take a chance on love

For I am not the other…

You know I’m right and so does she;

Yes, that’s right, your mother!

If you want me back

You’ll have to work

On your multitude of issues

I try so hard but all you do

Is reduce me to tears and issues.

I’m a girlfriend, not someone

You’ve just met off the streets

I need you to love and care

And shower me with treats.

In return I’ll always be

Someone that you can trust

I’ll make you laugh and hold your hand

But promise me you must…

To be there for me, not run away

When things get hard as they do

And tell me what you’re feeling

Because I have no fucking clue.

Of how your fucking crazy mind

Processes thoughts and actions

You think too much, yes, more than me!

And I have no idea of your reactions.

Okay I think I’ve said my piece

There’s nothing else to say.

It’s up to you to change my mind

For I’ve had enough for today.




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