365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 248

248. At the Park:

“You want to do it NOW?! At the park?” my boyfriend spluttered.

I shrugged. “Why not?”

“Um, because it’s a park and hence a public place and someone might see us!” he replied incredulously.

“Yes,” I agreed. “That’s part of the thrill,” I said sarcastically.

A few weeks back I’d hit him with the first on my list of a great many fetishes or fantasies I had. He’d agreed to go along with them, even though he wasn’t so keen on most of them himself. I’d been a bit shocked about that, but it also made me love him even more. He was prepared to go all out just to make me happy and that in itself was something to be treasured.

“Jessa, look, I’ve done everything else that you’ve wanted to do, but I refuse to do that. I refuse to play on the swings. I’m too old for that and so are you.”

What a spoilsport, I thought. Clearly I’d misjudged him.




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