365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 245

245. Social Network:

“Social network my fucking arse,” Elizabeth mumbled under her breath.

Since signing up for nearly every possible network including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Instagram, SnapChat etc. she was spending more time in virtual reality than in the presence of her actual ‘social network’ of friends.

It was like information overload. Why did people feel the need to subscribe to every single one of them? Why not just choose a few? These were the questions Elizabeth was now asking herself. Why had she done it? Social pressure, she guessed.

She sighed and looked at her watch. Five minutes before she was meeting a ‘real’ friend, one who didn’t just exist as a faceless wraith on the Internet. What could she do in the last five minutes? Ah, why not check her Facebook feed. That’s what people with a little time on their hands did.


Three hours later Elizabeth suddenly remembered she was supposed to have met her friend.

“Fuck!” she yelled.

Yep, social networking was a waste of time.



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