365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 243

243. Sestina:

Sestina? she said to herself. What the fuck is that? 

It sounded Spanish. She could imagine a little Mexican man wearing a huge sombrero hopping around yelling it out. 

Okay, so maybe that was a stereotype. Whatever. 

It was a simple task: Google the word and do what was obvious. Except she couldn’t be bothered and therefore it wasn’t obvious. 

Sestina, she wrote. A type of mid-morning nap one takes after your morning coffee wears off. 

Somehow she didn’t think her teacher was going to buy that but she liked the idea of doing the obvious. And according to her definition, that meant saying, “to hell” with the rest of her morning classes and having a well-earned rest. 

She had a feeling she would like Spanish culture. 



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