365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 241

241. Comedy Club:

He’d invited her to a sit-down comedy club for their first date. She’d said yes because she liked him, but then she spent the entire lead-up to the date worrying about it.

She hated comedy clubs with a passion. It wasn’t that she didn’t find the comedians funny, she did. It was the uncertainty of knowing that at any time they could single her out and make fun of her. It had happened before and she’d never forgotten it. Nor had she gotten over it. Despite her apparent confidence and the way she appeared on the outside; it was all a facade.

But how did you tell that to the person you liked without them thinking you were a complete loser? Kevin had this distorted view of her, that somehow she was this confident, party-girl and that couldn’t be further from the truth. How did you correct someone about that and still keep them interested in you?

You shouldn’t have to ‘keep,’ someone interested, whispered the voice in her head. If he’s truly worthy of you he will accept you just the way you are.

She knew that, but it didn’t make it any easier. Relationships had always been a mystery to her and she felt she wasn’t good at them in the least. It was like feeling your way in the dark, you never knew what to expect and sometimes you tripped over things. She’d been tripping over a lot with Kevin.

She was hoping that all these petty fights and stupid misunderstandings early on in their relationship meant that later on there’d be smooth sailing. Somehow though, she doubted that’s what life had planned for her. Things just didn’t happen that way and when they did, it was only ever in Disney movies.

Fuck Disney, she thought.



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