I’m in one of my ranting moods…

And this is not just because I feel like complaining, it’s because there are issues out there that need to be spoken about and too often they are hushed up because people find them uncomfortable to talk about. These people piss me off because they’re weak-minded and just think that by ignoring something it will either A. go away, or B. won’t intrude on their little piece of peace, safety and security in the world so therefore it doesn’t exist. To you people, fuck you.

This is just one of many, many articles that illustrates the sexist, discriminatory world that many people face. I won’t just say women, because discrimination is not just restricted to sex or gender. This is just one example. I will say, however, that crimes against women and indeed, the shit that some poor women have to put up with disgusts me and makes me want to take the patriarchal society that they put up with down a few notches.

I haven’t finished.


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