365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 218

218. First Kiss:

When people ask me who my first kiss was with, I struggle to know what to say.

Do I tell them about my friend Luke who I pinned against the bench at school and kissed when I was six years old? Or, do they mean the first time I used tongue?

All I know is that neither were earth-shattering and neither gave me butterflies in the stomach.

That didn’t happen until recently when I suddenly discovered what I’d been missing. And I realised that I don’t want to kiss anyone else. I knew it, he knew it and that’s why he took so long to do it.

As he said, “Once I start, I know I won’t be able to stop.”

That also explains why he’s taking time out now to think. He knows. I know. But I’m a lot stronger and braver than he is and I get frustrated when people aren’t like me. I feel it’s a weakness. But that’s my issue, not his.

All I can say is that I may not know who my first kiss was, but I know who I want to be my last.



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