365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 216

216. Oh so Lonely:

You can be surrounded by people, have all the friends in the world, be told that you are wonderful and that everyone loves you and yet, when doubt creeps in, you can feel oh so lonely.

That’s how The Girl was feeling.

She couldn’t pinpoint exactly when it had began, but she suspected it had been brewing for a few weeks. Little things had all added up and when finally the shit had hit the fan, she had lashed out, yelling and then crying. She felt as though she was taking on all the pain of the world and trying to fix it by herself. She’d already sorted her own problems; she wasn’t worried about them, but it was difficult to try and convince the person you loved that you wanted to help them not because you felt sorry for them, but because you had finally realised that you cared about someone other than yourself.

The Boy didn’t know how to react to The Girl. He was overwhelmed by his own feelings for her and yet at the same time, he was completely drowning in how she felt about him. He couldn’t believe that he was worthy of love and he couldn’t believe that someone like her wanted to be with her.

He was feeling the same thing as her, but he didn’t know how to express it.

In the beginning he had been attracted to her ‘party girl’ nature. She was fun, bubbly and it was clearly evident that everyone thought she was amazing. How could he compete with that? How could he compete with the dozens of men who he could see also wanted her?

But somehow, she had agreed to go out with him. Why?

Because he was smart, funny, gorgeous, a nice person and he was the person she hadn’t realised she’d been looking for all this time. Just as she’d decided to basically give up, he’d come along.

And now, two, oh so lonely people needed to take a chance, forget about the odds and the rest of the world and just focus on themselves.


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