365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 215

215. Collage:


I liked the sound of the word. It reminded me of my boyfriend and if I closed my eyes, I could hear his voice saying it with the proper French pronunciation.

Collage. From the French, ‘coller,’ meaning to glue together. It was an art form that to me, resembled life. Life was a collection of different pieces that you took from experiences, people and places and somehow stuck together to combine a new whole. It was messy and mismatched, but then again, so was life really.

Some people collected pictures to make theirs, but I preferred words. Words were magical to me, and to my boyfriend who spoke four languages fluently and was learning a fifth, they represented a world that housed infinite possibilities and allowed us to move between cultures. We would sometimes spend hours talking about our favorite words and the sounds they made as they rolled off our tongues. We both had our own, but one word we shared a love for: serendipity.

I guess to us, the word embodied what had happened to us when we’d found each other. He wasn’t looking for anything serious and I wasn’t looking at all to be honest. I’d been hurt too many times and had decided to focus on myself instead.

But, as so often happens when we’re not looking or we are looking, we find something even better than we ever imagined.

And so it was with us.

Here are just a few of our favorite words:

– androgynous 

– enchanting 

– captivating

– wraith 

– twilight

– zephyr 

– mesmerising 

– ethereal 

– rhythm 

And of course: serendipity.  



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