365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 213

213. Schedule:

As Jessica stared at her diary and the mess of scribbles that documented her appointments, things to buy and menstrual cycle she realised that her life was indeed the same.

She sighed.

She was one of the most organized people she knew and yet somehow she couldn’t schedule time for really important things… like her boyfriend.

She sighed again.

It had been three weeks since she saw him last and she was starting to think that maybe he wasn’t so much a boyfriend as a ‘fuck buddy.’ She hated that word, but it was what it was.

Maybe she had her priorities wrong. Was she putting other stuff before him? Of course she was. She knew why if she was really honest.

Jessica was scared of getting too attached. She’d always been such an independent person and she hated to think that she would turn out like those jealous girlfriends who couldn’t let their boyfriend out of their sight. Or their clutches, she thought.

She suspected she needed to schedule some time for a visit to her shrink too. Oh, and a holiday wouldn’t go astray….


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