This week… in brief

So before I post this week’s GetHiroshima column, let me just tell you about my week.

My ‘Pokemon Go’ blog post from here was reposted (with my permission) of course by the editor of GetHiroshima magazine. Let’s just say it resulted in a number of people A. hating on me, B. justifying their Pokemon addiction and worst of all, C. choosing to unfollow GetHiroshima on Facebook. Check out the comments by doing a search if you feel like it.

I for one, believe in free speech and blogging of course is one such platform to do that. Many people believed that the article should not have in fact been posted to GetHiroshima and was not appropriate content for the page. Whether or not this is true, I didn’t write the article for the website/magazine and therefore, any such comments bagging me for choosing to air my views are invalid on that point.

Many years ago a very controversial article I had written was published in Japan and resulted in people hating me, hating my fellow housemates I was living with and to be honest, was the real result I left Japan. Yes, at the time I wasn’t secure enough in myself to believe in what I’d written and let people’s comments get to me. As someone who also dreams of one day doing investigative journalism and no doubt, uncovering some unsavory things that people don’t want to hear because they’d rather not know, I’ve learned not to shy away from talking about and asking questions about stuff that people consider taboo or ‘rocking the boat,’ as it were. I will not stop doing what I love because of what other people think.

I will not apologize for anything I wrote because it’s my opinion and the fact that The Japan Times also made similar comments about the Peace Park being used for such a game supports what I wrote. Maybe some people just didn’t understand my point of view… They’re entitled to their opinions too, but that doesn’t make mine any less valid than theirs.

Anyway, enough about that, click here to read what I wrote about this week.




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