365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 212

212. Font-tastic:

Writing has always fascinated me. Not just the content of writing, I mean the actually process of putting pen to paper. I suppose I regard it as an almost magical experience that transfers thoughts, feelings and of course, words to another form. It somehow makes them real and that of course can be both wonderful and terrifying, sometimes concurrently. 

Handwriting is not as common as it used to be. With the advent of computers, writing in many forms has become obsolete. I for once thought, often prefer to write in longhand before committing my final words to computer text. 

For me, handwriting is just as fascinating as the multitude of fonts that can be found in programs like Word. Handwriting can be a window to a person’s soul and can reflect the mood and even personality of them. Think for a moment of handwriting that causes debts in the paper beneath it. The person may be angry or may want to ensure the words remain for all eternity. The flowery brush of a light touch may reveal a dreamer, a poet or someone who touches on life delicately. Well-formed letters may indicate a person with careful and deliberate thinking who pauses before writing how they feel. 

Yes, to me handwriting is just as font-tastic as the font on any computer. 


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