365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 210

Firstly I apologise. I’m having some major issues with my computer so even though I did write this yesterday, I couldn’t post it until just now. 😦 

210. Footsteps on the Moon:

I’m told it was the year 1969 when it first occurred and indeed, it must have been, because I was the one to discover it. I don’t remember such details now because I’m older, but I do remember every other minuscule thing that happened that day, or night, as it were. 

It was fairly late many, many years ago and I had long since given up trying to get to sleep. I’d wrapped myself in my cloak and snuck out the back door of the house, stealing away for a walk to try and make myself tired. I figured that if I walked far enough it might weary my body enough to give in. I hadn’t counted on what I’d find that would cause my mind to work overtime, thereby rendering any such physical activity useless. 

I saw the footprints before I saw the spacecraft. 

Growing up I’d listened to countless stories of alien beings visiting our planet and although I sniggered and pretended I didn’t believe it, that couldn’t have been further from the truth. I just could not, and would not believe, that we were the only life form in the universe. To believe that was true was not only egotistical, but denied the very fact that life itself was indeed a random possibility that had been lucky enough to occur. Scientists weren’t even sure how our own planet had been formed, so I didn’t entirely trust their opinions about other intelligent life forms.

I had just reached the top of the mound near my family’s house when I saw the man walking slowly, as though suspended in time, carrying a flag. I wasn’t sure of the significance, but I knew from my own culture how important flags were, so I guessed that this was some sort of momentous occasion. 

I watched, crouched down behind the mound as he stuck the flag into the ground, claiming his right to this small patch of dirt and dust. I knew he couldn’t see me and I also knew better than to let him see me. I didn’t know what his purpose was and more to the point, I wasn’t sure if he was friendly or hostile. Better to play it safe. 

After this he walked around for a little while longer before making his way back to the craft and leaving without a trace. 

And that, was my first experience with life from another planet. I learned that I had been right and scientists had been wrong. I learned that Neil Armstrong was the first man to leave footsteps on the moon. More than anything else though, I learned that anything can happen in a world, or perhaps I should say, universe full of infinite possibilities. 


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