Does size matter?

This is a sensitive topic and one I’ve been debating whether to write about for the simple fact that either way it’s going to piss a lot of people off. The thing is, it’s something that evidently does worry people, particularly Japanese men, for obvious reasons. Of course, I did decide to write about it then. 🙂

I’m talking about penis size.

This morning I posted a photo on my Instagram account that had the caption: ‘normal condoms DO NOT fit most Western men here… Just saying people, just saying. You can’t deny scientific evidence.’

The photo was of a box of L size (37mm) condoms called, ‘Super Big Boy.’ Yes, I kid you not. The funniest part about the whole thing is that it features a horse’s head on the front of the box. Yes, as in ‘hung like a horse.’ Hilarious.

Now some of you may be saying that I’m jumping to conclusions and assuming these are for Western men. I guess you could be right, however, what I can say though from talking to a number of Western men here is that finding condoms that fit is problematic for some of them. Now those Japanese people (or indeed, Western people) who are offended by this statement, re-read it please. I said, ‘…for SOME men.’ I have known some Western men who are able to use the average Japanese brands and so, just like you can’t say, “All Japanese men have small penises,” you can’t make the sweeping generalization that all Western men have large penises. The fact that these condoms are available in Japan (although to a lesser degree than smaller sizes) means there is a market for them, but obviously it’s a much smaller market. Also note, that by size I’m talking width, not length. I know Western men who have said that average condoms here have nearly cut off their circulation. That would lead me to conclude that width is the issue, not length.

I am not going to make any final statement about what I do or don’t think; that’s irrelevant. My opinion is also just one opinion and I’m entitled to it. It makes no difference what I think. Anyway, the whole argument and indeed the men and women who get pissed off by this says more about their insecurities (whether justified or not), than it does about anything else. I also think that the fact that someone lets that bother them means in some small way it contains a grain of truth.

Yes, it’s a delicate topic and yes, I may have overstepped the mark, but I have had the guts to write about something that is constantly a topic of conversation here, so deal with it. I’m not apologizing if you’re offended.

Does size matter? Who fucking cares.


5 thoughts on “Does size matter?

  1. Rob says:

    The problem is that when a small penis is mentioned in pretty much all forms of media, it is always negative. Either as a joke or an insult against someones disgusting behaviour.

    And as a subject that the vast majority of men would never talk about, you learn to just bottle it all up and try to ignore it, while also being paranoid that people might find out your terrible secret.

    In the worst cases all this negative media along with a bad experience at a young age can lead to men spending their whole lives avoiding relationships.

    Even the articles that claim to be trying to help normally make things worse for lots of men.

    Sorry if this came across as a rant. It is not meant to be. Just trying to explain it from another point of view.


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