365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 203

203. Boredom:

I don’t believe in boredom. There is ALWAYS something to do.

I do believe in boring people though.

I find that most people who say that things are boring are really referring to their own failings as human beings.

As an only child I found countless ways to entertain myself. At the age of four I wrote a letter to the adoption agency, asking for a little brother. They never replied. Nor did I get a little brother.

I guess in that respect I learned that being bored wasn’t an option. I learned to be self-reliant and to always find something to do. It also meant that I created a ‘monster,’ as it were, in that I often have trouble doing nothing. I have a hard time relaxing because I think I should be doing something more productive. I have gotten better over the years though.

Being bored is more a state of mind I believe and like all states of mind, it can be replaced with a new attitude.



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