365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 200

Before I before… Day 200 baby! WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!


200. Extreme Makeover:

It happened after every big event in my life; I would suddenly decide I needed a new haircut. The last time it had happened, I’d found myself in the bathroom with newspaper spread on the floor cutting my own hair with scissors I’d bought from the $1 shop. This time was different though.

Not only did I need and indeed want, a new haircut, I also thought I deserved to go crazy and buy some extreme outfits. I was thinking bondage. Something that made me look and indeed feel the complete opposite of how I suddenly felt.

What did women like this wear? More importantly, did that mean I was becoming that sort of woman? God, I hoped not.

Please God, I prayed. Let me be okay. Let everything be okay.


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