365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 194

194. Time Travel:

As a Time Being, people often asked her if she enjoyed going back in time. They always assumed she loved what she did and many people said they wished that they had her job.

It wasn’t always rosy though. In fact, if she was being really honest, she didn’t like time travel at all. She believed that things people had done in the past were best left there. They didn’t need to be revisited (especially if they upset people) and she strongly believed they shouldn’t be changed.

Most people when they summoned her wanted her to take them back in time to right a wrong of sorts. Her problem with this was that people did something for a reason, even if it wasn’t a good one or even if they weren’t entirely sure of why they did it at the time. Why change something that was part of your life? If you changed it, somehow it wasn’t part of your life anymore.

Goodness knows she’d made enough mistakes (she preferred to think of them as lessons) in her life and despite that, she didn’t for one minute, regret a single thing.

Maybe that was why she’d been blessed (or cursed as she saw it) as a Time Being. It was her duty to inform people or even educate them about the need for things to be left in the past and to look ahead to the future.

People needed to learn to let things go. Only then would they be truly happy.


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