365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 183

183: Gratitude:

After a month of the Gratitude Challenge, how could I possibly not write about that for today’s prompt?



Last month I decided to challenge myself by doing a Gratitude Challenge. Each day I woke up, read the question for the day and then went about my job, chores etc., with a greater awareness of being grateful for that particular thing.

Awareness is definitely something that allows you to really see what is important to you. I realised that my boyfriend, my friends (including my best mate and soul brother, Shin), not to mention my mum (obviously) and the rest of my family are the best people for me. They accept me for who I am and love me for that. Yes, even my faults. They don’t let me run away from issues, but give me time and then help me to face the problems.

Gratitude is not even an adequate enough word to describe how I feel about them.

I think though, that in being grateful for stuff, we often forget ourselves. I know that last night after feeling particular hormonal and gross, that I’m not as forgiving of myself as I am of others. In a negative spiral I was thinking of all the things that are wrong and how I’ve probably fucked them up. That’s not the sort of attitude that is going to help me to be a better person in life. So I had a cry, watched a sad movie, read a book and fell asleep. I can’t say it was a happy, not restless sleep, but after a run this morning, I do feel better.

In fact, I am grateful for my boyfriend who inspired me with his own goals, talents and achievements to get back out there and get fit again. Yes I like walking and walk everywhere but I’d forgotten how good it feels to run and sweat and have energy again.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xxx ooo

Oh, and Happy Birthday gorgeous guy. 🙂



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