365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 179

179. Gifts:

The thing with gifts is that you’re suppose to give them freely without expecting anything in return. Kind of like love I guess.

I remember talking to my boyfriend as we lay in bed in post-coital bliss one day talking about his upcoming birthday. I was complaining that when men buy their girlfriends of wives sexy underwear for their birthday, it’s really not for the woman, it’s a gift for the man.

He had laughed but nodded in agreement and told me that’s why he had decided to buy me a pole for my birthday.

A pole? I’d asked.

Yes, for pole dancing.

But I don’t do pole dancing, I’d protested.

No, but I wish you did, he’d said.

Yep, gifts should not only be given freely, but be given TO the person, for THEIR use, not anyone else’s.

I guess that’s why I’m buying him sexy boxers for his birthday. 😉


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