365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 176

176. Jealousy:

It had never been something I was familiar with.

Until Nick came along. Or perhaps it was Jessa.

I wanted so much to be like Nick. He had everything. He was smart, funny, good looking and everybody liked him.

Including Jessa.

Jessa was a coworker and one of the prettiest women I had met in a long time. She was like a breath of fresh air at our workplace and she had managed to attract the attention of nearly every male in the building, simply by being herself.

She’s certainly attracted Nick’s attention and I discovered a few weeks later that they were dating.

That made me furious. It was the first time I truly understood the expression: “I saw red.” I wanted to punch Nick right in the face and ask him why he’d stolen the one person I wanted more than anything to be in my life.

It didn’t matter that I was married and that he was single. All I knew, was that he didn’t deserve her. That’s what I kept telling myself anyway and after awhile, I started to believe it.

Yes, jealousy was definitely a curse and I could feel it slowly poisoning my entire system. I needed to rid myself of it, but I just seem to shake it.

I knew then that I had




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