The Black Hole… in my apartment

Yes, I have my own little piece of space, as in ‘stars and the universe,’ kind of space, right here in my apartment. It exists behind my refrigerator.

Now my refrigerator, like most refrigerators, is against a wall. This means, that according to the Law of Inevitability (as in Crispy’s Law; yes, I made it up), things will no doubt fall behind it at every opportunity.

I have lost more objects down the back of it than I can remember. In fact, I finally decided to peer behind it today, albeit with some difficulty and I discovered things I hadn’t seen for ages.

Yes, it seems that I have a black hole in my apartment and that once objects disappear into the great abyss, they are never to return.

I lost a perfectly good bottle of deodorant down there this morning. That meant that instead of trying to retrieve it, I just went out and bought another one.



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