30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Day 21

What song am I most grateful for?

Geez man, that’s a tough call! I can’t decide on just one and no ONE song stands out as my favorite.

At the moment though, one of my favorite songs is ‘Love Somebody For Life,’ by Maxi Priest featuring Yuji Oda. Someone special got me into it and because it’s so easy to listen to, it’s been on repeat for days. It kind of reminds me of a reggae-style mixed with pop. It also reminds me of a beach setting at sunset sipping cocktails whilst reclining on deck chairs and that, at the moment, is something I’d be very grateful to do!

Music for me has always been a reminder of people, places and things I’ve been doing. In fact, my playlist is like a collection of photos that I can choose and instantly be transported back to the time and place. I love music and that’s probably why I don’t have one single song as my favorite. I’m grateful for ALL music.


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