365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 162

162. Missing You:

Dear Frederick,

It has only been a mere few hours since we parted, but I cannot help missing you already. I feel it like an ache in my chest and oh, how I want you to be standing in front of me, your gray eyes locked on mine.

I fear that loving you so much will only end in heartache and I fear that one day I will wake to find you no longer there. I cannot help but shed a tear and I apologize profusely for the stains on this letter where my tears have indeed fallen.

You are the moon and stars to me; my entire universe. I know you feel the same and indeed, you have told me this many times already.

I hope that one day we will be allowed to be together with the blessing of both of our families and I pray that this day comes sooner than either of us could imagine.

Frederick, my love, I must go now, but I will think of you tonight as I lay my head down. I will dream of your arms around me and your sweet kisses on my lips.

All my love and affection,



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