365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 161

161. Eco-Friendly:

Leaf was a green warrior. Even her name hinted at her obsession with all things natural. She saw it as her duty to protect everything that was part of the environment and as her obligation to inform others on how best to care for what had been given to them.

Despite the population being made up of roughly half men and half women, Leaf was often seen by the other women as being more masculine, at least in mind and spirit. She was definitely female and incredibly feminine, even though her choice of khaki-coloured work clothing was more practical than stylish. The men respected her for giving up a life of family and the women respected her for choosing to do something they had often thought about, but weren’t confident enough to try.

Leaf stood on the balcony of her ‘office,’ the tallest tree in the whole area, and surveyed the sea of green in front of her. She was determined to make their fairy village the most eco-friendly one in the district. She just had to convince her manager, the evil Analie, that it was an important issue. He was more concerned with chasing females.

She sighed.

Sometimes it wasn’t easy being green.


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