30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Day 8

Today’s challenge is all about books I’m grateful for.

I have a list a mile long and all of them have been read for different reasons. Some of them have simply been for pleasure, but some of them (especially the self-help ones), have been because I felt I needed them.

‘Daring Greatly,’ by Brene Brown is just one example. It changed my life.

It was recommended to me by a friend who lives in Australia. I’d been saying how I felt that showing your vulnerability was a weakness. She had told me I needed to read the book.

My mum brought it over with her when she came to visit me in Japan last year. I started reading it immediately and I was hooked. In fact, my mum hadn’t seen me sitting so quiet and still for years. I kept nodding and smiling to myself and murmuring in agreement.

I’ve read it numerous times since then and I still manage to find one new point each time that I can take away and apply to my life.

Yep, thanks Brene for being an ordinary women who isn’t afraid to show your vulnerability, despite your high level of education and your position. 🙂


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