365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 156

156. Swish, Buzz, Pop:

Swish, buzz, pop!

The mixture bubbled away merrily in the big, black, cast-iron pot. It hung over the fire and every now and again I could see her stir it with a giant metal spoon. She would lift a mouthful, taste it, screw her face up and then pause, thinking, before throwing in a handle of something exotic.

I didn’t see the point in what she was doing. Why try to get something that wasn’t yours for the taking? And more to the point, wasn’t it a type of cheating this way? If you needed to force someone into loving you, than it wasn’t really love to begin with. In fact, you were not only deceiving them, but deceiving yourself.

I wasn’t sure which was worse.

All I knew was, I was quite happy to sit in the wings and watch and wait for my Prince Charming. I knew he was out there. I just hadn’t met him yet.

I wasn’t going to resort to a love potion.


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