365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 154

154. Twenty-One:

The Coming of Age.

That’s what my mother had called it.

I think it was the age that I was supposed to be a grown-up. It was only yesterday that I’d said to a coworker that the older I got, the less I seemed to know. I thought when you reached this age you were suddenly transformed into an adult. At least, that was the idea I’d deluded myself into thinking as a child.

Youth had been the best time of my life. I’d been carefree and didn’t have to worry about bills, men or what to cook for dinner. Yep, sometimes I wished that I lived in Neverland like Peter Pan, the boy who never wanted to grow up.

There was no point in wishing though and at the age of twenty-one I knew I had to start stepping up; stepping up to what I wasn’t quite sure, but stepping up all the same.

For tonight though, I planned on getting shit-faced with my friends at my party.

I could always be a grown-up tomorrow.

Or the next day, or the next.


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