365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 149

149. Color Palette:

Today’s writing prompt involved searching for a color palette and writing about one I was inspired by.

This is what I chose from a wonderful website which can be found here.


So without further ado, here’s my piece for today!

I knew I would never tire of the sunsets. Each one was unique and each one reminded me that life was to be lived because nothing ever stayed the same.

That had been a hard lesson to learn.

I had imagined that I’d always be with Jules. I had imagined that we’d grow old together and sit out on our porch, drinks in hand, watching sunsets like the one in front of me now.

I wasn’t prepared for him to be taken away from me. Not that soon anyway.

But life went on and I had been able to find beauty in the world again.

I held up the cocktail that Hannah, the backpacking student from Australia had made me. The light of the late afternoon sun shone through it and I was reminded of a stained glass window from a church I’d been in many years ago.

With hues of purple like this, I could never be sad. Or unhappy.

I thanked the universe for the small things in life.


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