365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 145

145. Flying:

I suddenly wished more than anything that I was capable of flying; it would give me an excuse to get away, to run away. But how do you escape from the one thing that is impossible to escape from?


I couldn’t explain when I’d felt this disgusted with myself. I wanted something familiar so I’d gone to the one place I knew I would feel at home: the bar.

I know, I know. A bar is no place for an alcoholic, but the people who went there were friendly and I wasn’t alone. People there didn’t judge me because truth be told, they were the same as me. We were a bunch of misfits who didn’t fit into society and weren’t quite sure what we were doing with our lives.

If only we knew we were slowly poisoning ourselves. I needed a wake-up call.

And boy, did I get one!


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