365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 144

144. Mythical Creatures:

I didn’t understand men at all. Well okay, that wasn’t technically true. I didn’t understand SOME men. By that I mean a particular group of men.

I had decided enough was enough. I promptly deleted every single guy I’d ever been involved with, from my contacts list on my phone, blocked numbers of people I didn’t want to talk to ever again, deleted email addresses and then went home and wiped all trace of them from my computer as well.

I felt good.

I felt back in control of my life.

I’d been giving my power away to what I liked to refer to as ‘dickheads,’ which is a word that doesn’t translate very well in Chinese, Cantonese or Japanese as I’d discovered when I tried to talk to some of my friends.

Either way, it felt like a new start.

I had decided that I was quite happy to stay in my apartment, to be a hermit and watch endless episodes of Korean drama. I was smiling for the first time in months and my head felt clear and light.

“But Korean men in dramas are not real!” protested the few male friends I’d decided were okay to talk to.

“I don’t care,” I said firmly. “They are better than the ones who are out there and who have screwed me over in the past.”

I think in reality I had discovered that the type of men I preferred were like mythical creatures: they didn’t exist.

I was okay with that… for now. I had my Korean drama and my beautiful Korean men.

That was enough.



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