365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 138

138. Mailbox:

I didn’t realize just how hopeless everything was until the day my youngest daughter asked me what a mailbox was.

I know those of you reading this may have the same question and for that, we, as a society have failed you. That is why I am writing this down. Yes, writing it down, not typing it. For some of you that may seem a useless skill, but I assure you, one day you will understand why I chose to do it this way.

Technology has overtaken our entire life. It controls everything we do, say and even feel. That is why we must write, because only when we write using our own hand are we in control of our fate.

I know I am painting a grim picture, but that is the truth. Life now is grim, despite what the government tells us. They say that life is easier with technology, but our humanity has been degraded in the process.

I showed my daughter a photo of a mailbox; it’s one I keep hidden away from prying eyes who might say I’m a traitor. I explained to her that we used them in the past to send letters. She seemed surprised as to why we would do that. It’s difficult to explain why something is important when the person you are talking to has grown up in a completely foreign society, devoid of such things.

I can only hope that she retains this knowledge and passes it on.

Knowledge is our only hope now.



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