Something I’ve learned about women…

Both from speaking to them and of course, being one, is that we share our stories, problems and emotions with each other. Oh, and our secrets too, but I’ll get to that later!

When we have good news, we tell each other, but more often than not, when we have a problem, we just have to get it off our chest and tell someone about it.

Case in point: my thrush infection.

Yep, women have no problem discussing medical issues with each other, particularly if it’s to do with our vaginas. We like to know that ours is the same as the women next to us on the street, or the women who lives across the road.

Some men consider this to be in that TMI (too much information) category, but we would generally disagree. Although we wouldn’t tell a perfect stranger on the street our medical history, we don’t mind confiding to our friends that we have ‘an itch down there’ that is driving us to the point of shoving any long appliance up there and scratching the hell out of it.

Mine started last week. Perhaps the most depressing thing about it is that there was no sex involved. Even my gynecologist was surprised. Usually the only reason I visit her is when I’ve done something I shouldn’t have and need her advice. Last Saturday she looked at me as though I’d let her down. Personally I think she likes my ‘adventures.’ Anyway, she gave me some cream and sent me on my way and for awhile, I thought it was clearing up.

Yeah right.

Back to the doctor’s again this morning I go!

Now if I was a man and I had a similar problem, there would be NO WAY I would confess to my friends that something was wrong. Women, on the other hand, see this sharing of problems a kind of bonding experience; a kind of, “we’re all in this together,” thing. For us it foster a kind of solidarity. It makes us stronger. I don’t know about men, but maybe some of them feel it shows weakness. Men, correct me if I’m wrong, please! I’m all ears!

And then there’s secrets. Some men have this delusion that if something happens between them and a woman, it will only be between them. Ha ha, sorry guys, but you have no idea. Women share all of that. There are no secrets. Secrets for us are the kind where we say, “Now I’m not supposed to say anything, so don’t tell anyone…” but then we tell each individual person ourselves. That’s just how we are. We like to dissect what happens between us and men and we always like hearing our friend’s opinion. We want to know what they think and how we should proceed. I swear it’s part of our genetic makeup.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve learned from women and about women and I realised that even though sometimes I complain about being one (PMS, periods, sexist male comments, discrimination for having a vagina etc.), I wouldn’t change anything. I count myself lucky that I’m able to tell people how I feel and to share stories and ask for advice from my fellow sex.

Yep, I love being a woman.



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