365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 130

130. Read the News Today:

‘Nude restaurant attracts thousands,’ read the headine.

I was intrigued. What kind of person went to this type of restaurant? Nude obviously, but personality wise…??? More importantly, what kind of person wanted to eat whilst sitting across from someone who was completely starkers? Wouldn’t they be turned off their food?

I sighed.

At least that headline was more positive than the other ones that littered the morning newspaper.

“Hey Samantha! Have you read the news today?” asked Kelly, my assistant.

“Mmm…” I replied half-heartedly. Kelly was fanatical about the news and liked to regale me with tales about the most tragic and therefore, newsworthy items of the day. I preferred to remain ignorant.

“Did you see the story about the woman who was found chopped up into little pieces and dumped in a garbage bag right outside the police station?”

And there it was. Case in point. I put down the half-eaten donut that was my idea of breakfast and sighed loudly. I needed to find a new assistant.




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