365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 126

126. Alone:

Nobody wants to be alone forever.

Forever is a long time.

Not that everything lasts forever, but when you’re feeling down about being single, you hardly need someone to tell you, oh, you won’t be alone forever.

Thanks for that.

Then they try to say something they find reassuring, like, “It will happen when the time is right,” or, “You’re just waiting for the right person to come along.”

Both those sentences contain the word, ‘right.’ To me, that makes me think that there are lots of ‘wrong’ times and ‘wrong’ people and moreover, that the chance of meeting the ‘right’ person at the ‘right’ time is a million to one.

That’s even more depressing.

But then, something good happens.

Something that has been building for months.

In fact, you can’t remember when it began.

You just remember cold winter mornings and the guy in the coat.

And then the weather got warmer and warmer and by chance (or not), he stops to talk to you one morning.

And that’s the beginning.

And you suddenly think, maybe I won’t be alone forever.

At least, not for now.



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