365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 121

121. Stray Animal:

It happened every single time without fail. I would head out for a walk and somewhere along the way I would start to be followed by, or I would find, a stray animal.

It was like they were somehow attracted to me. I seemed to encourage them without saying a word. I’d heard stories of people who radiated energy in different circumstances and I wondered if I was doing the same thing. Was I projecting something out into the universe without even being aware of it?

Whatever the case, when I got home, dog or cat in tow, my mum would yell, “Oh Emma, not again! No more animals!”

Then she would look behind me and see the animal sitting a few paces away, her heart would clench and before we knew it, we had another pet.

It wasn’t just animals though. It was people too. I attracted the misfits, the underdogs, the down-on-their-luck ‘losers’ of society. I felt sorry for them. I wanted to ‘fix’ them and solve all their problems. In the process though, I found thatwas usually the one who needed fixing. Maybe I saw the whole thing as a sort of healing for myself along the way and by trying to help someone other, I was also helping myself.

Some people don’t want to be helped though and I had learned that the hard way. I’d learned that the word, ‘stray,’ could also be used to refer to people. ‘Stray people.’ They were the ones who shied away from mainstream society for various reasons and preferred to live on the fringes. I was one of them too, so I understood their reasoning.

But not every stray person wants to find a home.



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