365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 116

116. All Saints:

I’d always hated Religion class. I didn’t believe there was a ‘God,’ and my teacher was super boring. Worst of all, we still got assignments for a subject that wasn’t going to get me a job after I graduated.

The latest assignment though, had sparked my interest. It was about saints and we’d been given the task of finding a little-known saint, someone a bit quirky and maybe even a bit of a bad-ass and then we had to write about him or her. In the beginning I thought all saints were good, but as I’d just discovered via Mr. Google, that was not true at all.

Take St. Augustine of Hippo for example. His mother was a saint (literally, not figuratively) and had somehow managed to convert his father to Christianity. His father was an alcoholic and I suspect she probably did the whole preaching, conversion thing while he was completely off his face. In my experience, no one talks about deep issues of life unless they’re half-wasted and I’m sure she knew this was the case. To me that seems a bit manipulative, but hey, I guess if you’re a saint, you’re allowed to do that, especially when it’s for the greater good of your religion and ‘God.’ Not that I believe in all that, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, St. Augustine must have taken after his father or perhaps his father taught him the tools-of-the-trade, because he ended up being a party-boy of his own. It probably also had something to do with rebelling against his holier-than-thou mother too and who could blame him for that?! His mother spent 17 years, yes, 17 YEARS praying that he would see the light and apparently he did.

St. Augustine ended up being the patron saint of brewers, but I’m not sure that’s necessarily a good thing. I mean, I like drinking too (even though I’m only a high school student), but I don’t see how converting to a cleaner lifestyle makes you an inspiration for someone who makes beer. ??? To me it would make more sense to be the patron saint of alcoholics, for example.

Anyway, what would I know? I’m just some student who has to write about this for my assignment. But it did get me thinking…

Maybe I could be the next saint.

I think my mum would disagree.

So would my teacher.




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