365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 104

104. Vacation: 

He needed a vacation.

He felt like he was going crazy. He wondered if maybe he was. Maybe he had officially begun the decent after standing on the brink for so long.

That last realization had tipped him over the edge.

His best friend was in love with him.

His best friend that was a girl; a woman, he corrected himself.

How could he not have seen that?! As soon as someone had pointed it out to him he had nodded and realized, shit, I knew that.

His subconscious had known long before he’d admitted it out loud and now he didn’t know what to do.

He wasn’t in love with her. At least, not in the sense of anything romantic. True, he loved her to death as a friend, but nothing more. He wished he did feel something else because he knew she was nearly perfect for him in every way, but he knew he couldn’t force something that wasn’t there.

Maybe he needed a weekend away.

Yes, he said to himself, that’s EXACTLY what you need. You need to stop thinking so much and just relax somewhere where nobody knows you.

As he reached for the phone to call his favorite out-of-town hideaway, he felt the stirrings of doubt in his mind but he pushed it aside. He knew he’d have to deal with it eventually, but not right now.

Not this weekend.


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