365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 100

100. Normal:

Before I begin with today’s prompt, let me just say, FUCK BALLS! 100 days straight! I’ve actually done this for 100 days straight! How many days??? 100 days! Okay, okay, you get the point, but I’m feeling quite proud of my achievement. 🙂

So without further ado…


Normal was not a word in her vocabulary. She wasn’t even sure what the word meant exactly. Did it mean what everyone else was like? Did it mean what the majority of people were like? Or did it just mean boring? She suspected it was the third one.

Whatever the case, nobody could ever excuse her of being that. She was the epitome of non boring. She didn’t think she was anything particularly special, but for some reason, others did. She wondered if it was the self-confidence she projected naturally or if it was something more.

I guess it doesn’t really matter does it? she thought to herself. They like you and that’s that.

She didn’t try to please people, she never did anything for others that she didn’t already want to do and she said what she was thinking. She was honest and direct and people seemed to respect her for that. God knows it was difficult to do living in such a society, but she did it anyway.

That’s why they like you, a little voice whispered in her head. You say and do as you please and it’s always what they WANT to do, but can’t.

In being the odd one out, she had, in a way, redefined the definition of ‘normal.’

Normal was what everyone wanted to be; their authentic self that everyone just accepted for what it was.

In that case, she was very normal.


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