365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 91

91. Family Heirloom:

All that trouble and it hadn’t been worth it.

Then again, isn’t that always the way? You put so much thought and effort into executing a plan and the end result is never, ever, what you expected.

Don’t have any expectations! My father’s words echoed in my head.

He was right; he was right all along. That bitch hadn’t been worth it. He’d known that much earlier than me though and had been able to escape with something: his dignity.

I didn’t even have that anymore.

Here I was, sitting in a prison cell for the murder of my mother (I prefer to call it slow poisoning; a sprinkle of arsenic everyday is all you need…) and I’d just found out she was worthless. All the family money and my inheritance had been spent years ago and all that was left was a useless ring. Yep, a cheap and nasty looking costume jewelry ring.

Thanks for the family heirloom, mother.





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