365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 89

89. Facebook or Twitter Status:

I don’t use either because A. I have a life, B. No one cares how I’m feeling at every single moment of the day (neither do I actually) and C. I don’t care which new restaurant you went to or what you ate or whether your bowel movement was normal.

Saying that though, today’s writing prompt is about that very topic, so I needed to Google some inspiration. I found this one on Pinterest and it made me laugh.



Who knew that love was so complicated?

All I wanted to do was update my status and I was given so many options that I didn’t know what to choose. Not to mention that the whole process just raised more questions about relationships than I knew existed.

I mean, seriously, if you were having an affair, would you honestly write about it on Facebook? And would you want to admit that you were the ‘mistress’? I mean, doesn’t that imply that you’re second best and the man is just being an asshole and having his cake and eating it too? WTF?!

And what if you fall into two categories? I mean, again, the whole affair thing… aren’t you both ‘mistress’ and ‘homewrecker’? Actually, now that I think about it, you could also be considered a ‘fuck buddy,’ ‘confused, and most definitely, ‘it’s complicated.’

You know what? Why do I even need to update my status? Who cares? As long as I know about it and the person I’m with knows about it, isn’t that all that matters?

Actually, why does Facebook even matter?

You know what, it doesn’t.

Delete account.


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