365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 83

83. Magic:

Walking through a forest like this, with tiny fireflies igniting the night and the trees whispering overhead as their leaves rubbed together, it was impossible NOT to believe in magic. What made it even more special was the shrine that kept watch like a sentinel, guarding the island from invaders and causing hearts to stir as they gazed upon it.

You couldn’t visit the place without feeling as though the gods were present and indeed they were. You couldn’t always see them, but you could feel them wherever you went.

She gazed up at the night sky for a moment and raised her hands to say a silent prayer. As she turned and smiled to herself, a tiny woodland creature scuttled past, too fast for her to see what it was, but making her wonder if it was a response from one of the gods.

Her fortune from the shrine today had advised her not to leave and that a new love affair was due to start, but she needed to take her time. For the moment she had more important things to think about than love, but she definitely had no intention of leaving. She breathed deeply and exhaled all her worries that had accumulated that day.

Yes, she’d done all she could for the time being and now it was time.

Time to wait.




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