365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 81

81. Advertisement:

She couldn’t believe her friend, Luke, had actually done it. Sure, it had seemed like a good idea at the time, but they were drunk; things ALWAYS seemed like a good idea then.

More to the point, she couldn’t believe he had actually embarrassed her this much. She was mortified. What were people going to think? And what would happen if someone actually contacted her? He’d even put her phone number on it.

As she stood on the corner of Main Street, she couldn’t pull her eyes away from the ten meter high advertisement that was now hanging from the billboard at the side of the road.

Yep, there was her photo; the photo of her wearing her new Reeboks that Luke had said made her look sporty, yet oh-so-hot, especially when they were paired with her white tennis skirt.

Luke was always trying to find her a boyfriend and this time he’d gone all out in the quest to advertise her singledom. He’d used his graphic design talent and created a poster advertising her with the heading, ‘Want to date me?’ He’d then cleverly added the Reebok slogan, “I am what I am,” underneath, along with her phone number.

Yep, it had SEEMED like a good idea at the time.




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