365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 67

67. Dollhouse:

Everything about her was cute. He’d fallen in love at first sight and it was easy to see why. Her blonde, ringlet hair, her big blue eyes and her tiny stature would have caught any man’s eye. But he had got in first.

He smiled to himself and watched her sleeping. Her eyes were closed and she had a smile on her face. It was the look of contentment.

Her room was decorated with floral wallpaper and rather than being gaudy, it seemed to suit her. The fact that he didn’t care either, despite being of the male species, was something else. Yes, it was definitely love.

He wished he could stay at home all day and spend time with her, but unfortunately, work called… and so did the money. Keeping her was an expensive hobby. He wanted only the very best for her.

Standing up, he whispered a goodbye so as not to wake her and padded quietly out of the room. He paused at the door and looked back over his shoulder.

Yes, the hand-crafted dollhouse with his pretty little doll was all he needed. He couldn’t wait to come home.



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