365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 64

64. Sing A New Song:

Winter was finally over and spring had arrived. The days were getting warmer and the sun was shining again. I couldn’t help but find myself grinning at everything and I was suddenly brimming with positive feelings and energy. I felt like I was human again.

As a highly sensitive person to all things, I was known for my ability to smell the change in the air as the seasons turned. This year it had been early, but something was different. There was a scent I had forgotten and it wasn’t until my friend, Yana said, “Spring is the season of love!” that I recognized was it was.

It was the scent of hope.

The past year I had all but lost mine, but here it was again and I welcomed it back warmly with a glance to the heavens and a silent prayer of thanks.

Hope. I thought it had abandoned me. Or perhaps, I had abandoned it.

It was time to sing a new song, to realize that not everything is forever and that no matter what, things change, people change and we continue on our way into the future.

Yes, spring was here and love was just around the corner.





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