365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 63

63. Spice:

She felt they needed to ‘spice’ up their sex life a bit. It wasn’t as though either of them were unhappy, but after three years of marriage, it seemed that the honeymoon phase was finally over. They still had sex twice a week, but to her, she felt as though he wasn’t as into it as he had been when they’d first started dating.

She’d read through so many Cosmo magazines with headlines that screamed, “How to make him blow,” or “25 sex tips you haven’t been using,” but they all seemed so innocent and boring.

She knew that if she went to the local sex-shop somebody in their small town would see her and start talking. She didn’t want that. She wanted to be discrete. As the headmistress of the primary school she knew she had a certain reputation to uphold.

Little did they know, she chuckled to herself. Come to think of it, little did her husband know. She’d been a wild girl before they met and she’d been known as the life of the party more often than not.

She hitched up the garter on her right leg and adjusted the leather mouthpiece. Perfect.

He was going to be blown away all right, she thought. But not quite in that sense of the word.


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