365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 47

47. Light Switch:

I’ve been told that despite my intelligence, when it comes to matters of the heart, I’m not exactly the brightest cookie in the box. I have no problem recognizing and pointing out to others that someone likes them, but my judgement about myself is always wrong.

My last attempt at a relationship involved putting myself out there for someone who I was convinced was totally into me, only to find out that yes, he was interested, but only because I was friends with the object of his affection. Needless to say, I don’t see either of them anymore and as far as I know, they are still blissfully happy together. Barf.

That’s why it came as rather a shock to me when I discovered that Jaden O’Keefe, newly appointed manager of What’s Brewing, one of the biggest coffee shop chains in the whole of my state, was interested in me.

I’d only met him once and it was sheer coincidence, but klutz that I am, had tripped and spilled my coffee all over his expensive shoes. Rather than yell at me, he’d simply laughed and ordered the staff to make me another, on the house. I apologized profusely, thanked him again and left.

It was some weeks later and having forgotten all about it, I was surprised when I received a message from an unknown number. His number. I thought maybe he had the wrong person, but it turns out he’d asked one of the staff who just happened to be a friend of mine, for my number.

“He’s just being polite!” I said to her one day while we were having lunch.

“Of course he is,” she nodded sarcastically, her eyes wide and innocent. “Are you really that stupid?!”

I paused. Was it a rhetorical question?

“Look, the guy is obviously interested. Why can you not see that?”

Oh, so many reasons, I thought to myself. Like the time I’d thought my high school crush was smiling at me and I’d smiled back, only to find he was smiling at the girl behind me. Or the time I’d taken a chance and asked this guy for his number, which he’d happily agreed to and then I’d found out it was a fake one. Nope, I wasn’t going to reply.

That was when the man himself appeared.

My friend nearly choked on her food and I must admit, even I was rattled.

What the hell?! I thought.

Then the light switch came on. And for once, I knew I was right. He was interested. He was genuinely interested. In me. In plain Jane, ordinary me.




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