365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 37

37. Puzzle:

He couldn’t work her out.

On the one hand she was bubbly, outgoing and at times, quite loud. But then she’d surprise him and do a complete turnaround; shy, quiet and slightly mysterious.

There was no doubt she had many different aspects of her personality and it appeared as though she could turn them on and off at will. He’d seen the way she could act in front of authority: polite and “yes sir, no sir.” But then, he’d also been fortunate enough to have seen her in the bedroom. God, she was like an animal: direct, aggressive and fuck, oh so desirable. How had someone like him been so lucky?

And now, for some reason she was ignoring him completely. This had been after nearly a year of texts, emails and dinners. What was her problem?  She was definitely a puzzle, that was for sure.



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