365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 36

36. Frame It:

Today’s prompt relates to phrases I would use for wall art if given a chance. I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t find a lot of these in a shop…

  • Be yourself to EVERYONE you meet.
  • I’m a woman and I like having sex with whoever I please, whenever I please. That does not make me a whore.
  • My vagina has a mind of her own, I apologize in advance.
  • No perfect people allowed.
  • I don’t do well with hints, I’m Western.
  • Insert inspirational quote here.
  • If people could see my thoughts, they’d put me in a loony bin.
  • Oh so you don’t like what I just said? You’re not going to like this then: “Fuck you!”
  • I think I think too much.
  • I write, therefore I am.

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