365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 35

35. War and Peace:

Polarity. Night and day, good and bad, male and female, black and white. Except it wasn’t always black and white, was it? At least, not in this country.

She sighed. Sometimes she didn’t know what she was supposed to think. She was caught in the middle now, neither American, nor Japanese and she wasn’t sure where to go from here.

It didn’t help that her mother was Japanese and that her father was a Marine. She hadn’t fitted in from the start. Yes, she spoke both English and fluent Japanese, but the fact that she was a ハーフ (‘haafu’ or ‘half’) meant she didn’t fit into either camp properly. Being raised in the US for most of her life just added to the rift between her and the people she called ‘friends,’ here.

They seemed to think she was both celebrity and something to be a little wary of. The boys weren’t wary though. If anything, they were the opposite. They were curious to know if she had adopted the apparent ‘loose’ ways of the Western women. Again, polarity.

She didn’t know how to describe how she felt. She just knew she felt this inner conflict constantly battling and changing sides. War and peace. Polarity.


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